Fundamentals of Acroyoga

March 24
— 5-8 PM —
Fundamentals of Acroyoga
w/Miska Têtu and Kim Bauer

Wondering how two people get into stunning acrobatic yoga poses? This 3-hour workshop will teach the three primary roles of acroyoga: the base, the flyer and spotter. Working together, you will build trust through movement and play.

Acroyoga is for everyone. It is an exciting partner practice that blends the wisdom of yoga and the dynamics of acrobatics. It is a fun way to move your body and connect with others. Acroyoga may appear intimidating initially, but by experimenting with the different roles and communicating effectively, you will build trust and create a safe environment to explore something new and challenging!

Fundamentals of Acroyoga

Your Lead Trainers.

Kim and Miska are both movement enthusiasts.

Acroyoga found them and they gladly embarked on the journey of discovery, learning new skills at every turn and growing their love for movement and exploration, all in the spirit of fun and trust.

Together, they’ve created #weeklycubebreak, a concept that they have been lovingly growing over the past two years.

Fundamentals of Acroyoga

Miska Têtu

Miska is a twisty yoga certified teacher who loves to see
her students embark on their yogic journey and growth.

Fundamentals of Acroyoga

Kim Bauer

Kim is a synchronized figure skating powerhouse
and skating coach as well as avid yoga practitioner.

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