Embodied Communication: The Art of Moving Together

Sunday, February 23
— 6-8 PM —
Embodied Communication: The Art of Moving Together
w/Jessica Laporte and Dolphin Kasper

Do you ever leave an interaction feeling unheard or unsatisfied? Do you feel like there’s more depth and quality possible in your interactions but aren’t quite sure how to create it?

What if you could learn a way of being and relating that transformed what was possible for you in every relationship?

Bringing their passion and experience with movement and interpersonal relating, Jessica and Dolphin are excited to guide you in your discovery of the incredible relationship between your inner world and your outer world. It’s not always easy to see, but the state of our external environment is a direct reflection of our inner environment. In this fun and highly experiential workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to clearly see and explore the interplay between these two worlds and how you can begin transforming dynamics that have felt stuck or limiting.

Together, we will engage in:

  • Mindfulness and movement meditations
  • Authentic expression and relating games
  • Partner and group movement practices
  • Self-reflection and group discussion

You’ll leave this workshop with:

  • A clear sense of your conditioned ways of interacting with people
  • Increased sense of confidence in your ability to express yourself
  • New tools to navigate uncomfortable or challenging interactions
  • Increased ability to create the interactions and relationships you want in your life

Your Lead Trainers

Dolphin Kasper

Dolphin Kasper is an author, communicator and human potentialist. He has been speaking and facilitating workshops relating to empowerment, high performance and human potential for over 20 years. From motivational talks, to professional coaching, to healing and inspiring the very heart of the human condition, he has learned the simplest and most profound ways we can fundamentally put our past to rest, come to a place of peace with the present, and unleash the fullness of our future potential. His passion for creating spaces where people can play, discover, and grow has become his life’s work. He loves the opportunities he has been given to expand his own understanding and awareness of the real possibilities of human life and is grateful that his work is now to give others the same chances he has been fortunate enough to have.

Jessica Laporte

Jessica Laporte is a passionate, connected, and mindful mover. She has a degree in kinesiology, over 1000 yoga teaching hours, and has worked in clinical and studio settings teaching mindful movement to all walks of life. Her movement practices and teaching styles are playful with a focus on: intention, awareness of the mind-body connection, functional movement, breath, and the magic of co-creation. She encourages developing a keen curiosity – noticing the interplay between the elements of strength, stability, coordination, control, balance, flexibility, and mobility in your body and how these interact with the body and nervous system of other beings when we come into contact.

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