Elevate @ Home

Elevate @ Home

Live Stream and Virtual On Demand Classes from the comfort of home with your local favs. All you need is your mat and a good wifi connection.

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Elevate @ Home

Live Stream and Virtual On Demand Classes from the comfort of home with your local favs. All you need is your mat and a good wifi connection.

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Let's Get Virtual.

  • $15
    1 Virtual Class

    Drop-in never expires,
    use whenever you want.

    • Access to 1 virtual class
    • No Expiry Date
    • NO additional discounts apply
  • $50
    Virtual Pass

    Unlimited access if you like
    your yoga on the regular.

    • unlimited Access to virtual
      on demand class LIBRARY
    • activates on first class
    • no additional discounts apply


  • What is Elevate @ Home?

    Elevate @ Home is a virtual program that offers 2 ways to get your yoga practice from the comfort of home:

    Live Stream Classes
    • Live classes online.

    Registration for these classes close 30 minutes before class. Live Stream classes are in (EST) Eastern Standard Time Zone.

    On Demand Classes
    • Pre-recorded classes available at any time from our Media library (Media tab in MindBody).

    To access, use your existing Auto-Renewal Membership (All Access Pass or Day + Weekend Pass) or sign up for an unlimited Virtual Pass.

  • Do you plan to continue offering Elevate @ Home classes after the COVID-19 shutdown?

    Yes, we plan to continue offering Elevate @ Home online classes when we re-open the studio.

  • Your current schedule doesn’t work for me. Will you be adding new classes to the schedule?

    We will continue enhancing the schedule to best serve our community. This may mean new classes, new times or even a change to the current schedule. We love hearing feedback from our community, so feel free to send us your feedback hello@elevateyoga.ca.

  • How do I access Elevate @ Home classes?

    • Access to all virtual classes require an online MindBody account. If you don’t have one, you simply create a new account here.
    • Classes are streamed on MindBody platform.
    • For Live Stream classes, instructions with a link to the virtual class will be sent to you 30 minutes before the class begins.
  • Can I use a pass I already have on my account for Live Stream classes?

    Yes, you may sign up for virtual classes using a pass you have on your account.

  • I still had 1 Drop-in Class and 1 Complimentary Birthday Class to redeem. Would I be able to use these toward virtual classes?

    Yes, absolutely!

  • Do I have access to Elevate @ Home with my All-Access or Day + Weekend Membership? Or do I need to purchase a Virtual Pass?

    Elevate @ Home is included in both All-Access and Day + Weekend Auto-Renewal Memberships. You do not have to purchase a Virtual Pass if you already have an active All-Access or Day + Weekend Membership.

  • I signed up for Virtual Pass ($20/month). Is that the same as the monthly Auto-Renewal Memberships?

    The Virtual Pass ($40/month) is an Auto-Renewal Membership that gives you unlimited access to Virtual classes. It is separate from the other auto-renew memberships we offer.
    Our All-Access ($99/month) is an Auto-Renewal Membership as well, but this gives you full and unlimited access to all classes that we offer in-studio and virtual.
  • When do registrations close for Live Stream classes?

    Registration for Live Stream classes closes 30 minutes before the start of class.

  • I have registered online for a Live Stream class that starts in 10 minutes and have not received the instructions to join.

    Please check your trash, junk/spam or promotions folder to make sure our emails didn’t end up there.

    If you have not received an email with instructions 10 minutes before class, kindly reach out to us hello@elevateyoga.ca as soon as possible so that we can ensure you don’t miss the class.

  • I have joined the Live Stream class early and do not see the teacher yet, but I see others in the class waiting as well.

    The teacher usually joins Live Stream 5-10 minutes before start of class.

  • The class started 10 minutes ago and the teacher has not joined yet.

    Thank you so much for your patience. The teacher might be experiencing technical issues. If this happens, we apologize for the class cancellation and we will work to resolve the issues for the next class.

  • Will all Live Stream classes be added to the On Demand library for later viewing?

    We will continue to keep the Media library updated with fresh content. However, not all of our Live Stream classes will be added to the library.

  • Where do I access On Demand classes?

    Our Virtual On Demand Classes are available for Auto-Renewal Members (All Access, Day + Weekend and Virtual Pass).

    1. Log in to your MindBody account.
    2. Click on the Media tab from the main menu to access.
  • I am having trouble accessing the On Demand classes.

    Please follow the steps listed under the Media tab after you log in to your Mindbody account.

    Also please ensure that any pop-up blockers are disabled. When you click on an On-Demand class, the video will pop-up in a new window. Please check to see if another browser window has been opened with the video.

  • I’m not able to access the pre-recorded classes. I’ve added Media to my cart and checked out, but clicking the links just turns them red rather than opening the video.

    Please ensure that any pop-up blockers are disabled. Also check to see if another browser window has been opened with the video.

  • Can I use my class pass for On Demand classes?

    At this time, On Demand classes are only available for Auto-Renewal Members (All-Access, Day + Weekend and Virtual Pass).

  • Will people see me or hear me during recordings?

    • If you share your video, all other participants in the class may be able to see you.
    • If you unmute yourself and speak, all other participants will hear you.
    • When you speak, your video and audio may become the main video screen of the recording.
  • What are your recommendations for those concerned with privacy?

    Classes are not recorded, but your video may be shared to other participants.

    • Consider not sharing your full name. Most people use their first name and inital their last name (ex. John S.). You could also use initials (JS).
    • Consider not sharing your video. If you share your video, all participants will see your video. If you do not wish to share your video, please unshare your video and/or cover your camera.
    • Consider muting yourself for the whole class. If you ask a questions or make a comment, it will be shared with all participants.
  • What are some tips you recommend for these classes?

    • Find a place where you are comfortable and will not be disturbed.
    • Have your mat, blocks, towels and additional props ready before class starts.
    • Water to keep you hydrated during class.
    • Enjoy yourself. 🙂
  • I logged into my account and I accepted the terms. Is that enough to keep the membership going or is an email required?

    Yes, an email is required to re-activate your membership. Drop us an email at hello@elevateyoga.ca to re-activate your account.