The Unlimiteds.

If you like your yoga on the regular, your best bet is one of our unlimited monthly passes. We offer multiple passes to best suit your schedule.

  • $120
    Day + Weekend Pass

    For the morning, afternoon and weekend lovers and doers.

    • Auto-Renewal of $120/month
    • 4 Month Commitment
      (Membership will auto-RENEW
      after 4 months)
    • Full Access on weekdays before 4PM
      + all of Sat/Sun
      on weekdays before 4PM
      + all of Sat/Sun
    • unlimited Access to virtual
      on demand class LIBRARY
    • 25% Discount on Merchandise
    • Can be placed on hold
      Once every 4 months
    • Bring a friend to class on us!
  • $150
    All-Access Pass

    Up your yoga practice with unlimited access to a variety of classes a week.

    • Auto-Renewal of $150/month
    • 4 Month Commitment
      (Membership will auto-RENEW
      after 4 months)
    • Full access to in-studio classes
    • unlimited Access to virtual
      on demand class LIBRARY
    • 25% Discount on Merchandise
    • Can be placed on hold
      Once every 4 months
    • Bring a friend to class on us!
  • $120
    Summer Pass

    Limited time offer
    for new members.

    • 60 days unlimited
    • FULL ACCESS to in-studio
      and live stream classes
    • Activates on first class
    • no additional discounts apply
    • offer expires august 31, 2024
    • Practice for 30 consecutive days,
      receive an extra 2 weeks.
    • Keep the streak going for 60 days,
      receive a total of 4 weeks.
  • $215
    1 Month

    Regular cost of a
    1-month unlimited pass.

    • Monthly unlimited
    • FULL ACCESS to in-studio
      and live stream classes
    • activates on first class

The Drop-Ins.

If you have an unpredictable schedule or you’re just a little commitment-shy, a great alternative to our unlimited passes is the drop-in bundles. Drop-in bundles never expire, so your practice doesn’t.

The Discounts.

20% Student • 20% Military/First Responders/Health + Fitness Industry* • 10% Senior • 15% Family**

Discounts offered on all class pricing with a valid ID. Pop by studio and have one of our friendly staff help you get your account set-up with your discount.

* Health + Fitness Industry includes RMT, certified fitness instructors, certified yoga teachers, physiotherapists, athletic therapists and chiropractors.
** Auto-Renewal Memberships only. (All passes and memberships are non-transferable and can’t be combined with other discounts.)

Insurance Benefits.

Does your employer offer a health and wellness package? Claim the cost of your yoga membership or class package by sending us an email at and we can provide receipts of your purchases.

Referral Perk.

Share the love! Get a friend to sign up for an Auto-Renewal Membership and receive a Complimentary Month on us!

Mat Service.

We all know that a big part of yoga is letting go, and now that counts for your gear too!

Mat Storage
Rent a mat space and safely leave your personal mat behind for only $20/month. Sign up online and provide a printed copy of your email receipt for proof of payment next time you’re in.

Mat Rental 
Rent our mats for $2. Our mats are cleaned after every use with natural, eco-friendly cleaners. No online sign up required. Simply rent a mat as needed when you take a class.


  • What should I wear and bring?

    Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Bring your mat, maybe some extra clean clothes and a flexible mind.

  • I'm new to yoga. What classes do you recommend?

    We recommend the following classes for you to start with:

    • The Roots
    • Yoga Blend
    • Go with the Flow
    • Mind + Body
  • I have an injury. Can I still participate?

    Each case will be unique for everyone. We always recommend that you consult with your family physician first prior to taking a class. Feel free to connect with us or have a chat with one of our wonderful teachers regarding your injury before taking a class. That way, we can help provide modifications and/or class recommendations.

  • What classes can I attend using the Day + Weekend Pass?

    You have access to all daytime classes during the week (6:15 AM, 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 12PM) and full access on weekends.

  • How is an Auto-Renewal Membership set-up?

    Our Auto-Renewal Membership (Day + Weekend Pass or All-Access) is set-up with monthly credit card payments. Membership is on a minimum 4-month commitment in order to receive the discounted rate. Membership automatically continues on month-to-month basis after 4 months. Membership may be placed on hold once every year or cancelled upon request.

  • How does the "bring a friend" to class work?

    An Auto-Renew Member perk. Invite a friend to join you for all of your classes, on us!

    Get your friend started with their complimentary class by sending us an email at

    One Complimentary Class per friend. Invite as many friends as you like!

  • How does your Family Discount work?

    Immediate family members* who wish to sign up for our Auto-Renewal Memberships receive a 15% Discount.

    *Immediate family members include parents, spouses, siblings, children.

  • Can I claim my yoga classes for insurance?

    Yes, you may claim the cost of your yoga membership or class package by sending us an email at

  • Do you have mat rentals?

    We offer (eco-friendly) mat rentals at $2 each.

  • Do you have showers?

    Yes, we have showers in our change rooms.

  • Do you have lockers?

    Complimentary lockers are available to temporarily stow away your personal belongings during class.

    Please note: No overnight storage is permitted. Elevate Yoga is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items. Personal and unclaimed items are discarded or donated.

  • What is your hot yoga?

    We offer 2 types of heated classes: Warm 33°C and Hot 37-40°C. Our heated classes are heated with FAR Infrared panels, a healthier way of heating the body.

    Important Note: Temperature and humidity for heated classes may vary depending on total number of attendees, class pace, external factors and location in class. Although we do our best to keep class temperatures as defined, temperatures may vary a couple of degrees based on conditions mentioned.

  • I've never done hot yoga before. Is it good for me?

    Everyone will have a different experience with hot yoga. If you’re curious to try it out, we recommend you try a Warm (33°C) yoga class first and see how you do. You’ll be drenched in sweat, so be sure to hydrate yourself throughout the day, during and after class. More importantly, listen to your body. If you’re feeling dizzy or tired during class, take a break, replenish yourself and move at a safe pace whenever you’re ready.

  • Where are you located?

    We’re located in the heart of the golden triangle. You can find us on 298 Elgin Street (corner of Elgin and Gilmour), on the second floor. If you’re more of a landmark navigator, we’re in the same block as Bridgehead coffee shop, beside Town Restaurant and right across the street from Minto Park.

  • Is there parking nearby?

    Parking on Elgin Street and the surrounding areas are usually metered until 5:30 PM. Parking is free on weekends, all day!

  • When does my New Yogi pass get activated?

    Your 1 month of unlimited yoga starts on the date of your first class.