By Maddie Rodriguez

Rainy Day Reflections.

For many of us, nothing seems like more of a buzzkill than a downpour in July.

In this part of the world, our warm days are so fleeting and so few that we yearn to make the most out of every moment. And chances are we have plans for every precious hour of sunlight. Formerly a release from the hectic pace of school, summer for adults often becomes the busiest part of the year. We jam-pack our summer days and nights with parties, vacations, weddings, picnics, barbecues and patio lunches. In the face of all this activity, a chill, wet day that drags us out of the sunlight and forces us indoors can feel like an affront.

We might grudgingly accept a summer shower for the sake of the planet—we know it needs the moisture. But the rain doesn’t just refresh our earth; it can offer us a refresh too. A rainy day can force us to hit the pause button, to spend an afternoon quietly with a book, a pet or even just our own thoughts. It can nudge us toward the acceptance that we must adapt our plans and bend in the face of something greater. It can even offer a frisson of unexpected, illicit excitement as we watch a thunder and lighting storm safely from indoors.

Summer rain might rob us of a few hours of sunlight but it is an opportunity to see things in a new light. It reminds us that even in the unexpected, the un-wished-for, there is an opportunity for flexibility and growth. It keeps things green, inside and out.

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