By Maddie Rodriguez

Welcome Home.

Autumn is a season of endings: the leaves dying and falling from the trees, the days growing shorter and shorter, and the year drawing to a close. But, for many, it is also the start of something new, whether that be a new class, a new challenge or a new opportunity. We believe ending is also a moment of transition, a pause, or an intake of breath: a chance to take stock before the beginning of something new. Loss and gain are often inextricable. Moving from one pose means flowing into another. The end of one season anticipates the dawn of the next. Turning a page leads to a whole new chapter laid out before you.

We are also poised on the edge of sharing something new and saying goodbye to something else. We too have a new chapter to write and we want to write it with you. So here’s to the end and to the beginning of something special.

Welcome, Elevate community, to your new home.