By Maddie Rodriguez

Wake Up to the Benefits of Yoga.

Motivating yourself for morning yoga can be a challenge. It’s tempting (especially when the temperature drops low) to just hit the snooze button and hibernate until you absolutely have to get up. But there are also so many great reasons to drag yourself out of bed and onto the mat first thing in the morning. Here’s just a few:

Gets the blood flowing.

Even a gentle flow class will stimulate circulation and jump start that heart rate. A first-thing energy boost is a great way to start your day and morning yoga is a perfect alternative to that cup of coffee (okay, okay, it can also be a perfect addition to that cup of coffee—drink post-yoga with a ton of water, of course).

Sets a “me time” precedent.

With so many responsibilities, it can be hard to practice self-care and the first thing many of us neglect is ourselves. By setting aside a piece of your morning to practice, you’re literally putting yourself first.

Helps you focus.

Practicing yoga also means practicing letting go and staying present in the moment. This kind of focus is often something we chase in the rest of our-day-to-day life. A morning practice gives you the opportunity to foster that focus at the beginning of your day and carry it with you off the mat.