By Maddie Rodriguez

Yogi Spotlight: Miska Têtu

With an upbringing that crossed four continents, Miska Têtu is a true citizen of the world who happens to make her home in Ottawa.

Miska studied in the field of communications at the University of Ottawa and put her education to work in the arts and culture sector of the government. In fact, it is this facet of her life that Miska says gives her an insight into how her students might be feeling when they step onto the mat.

Miska Têtu

Miska practiced yoga for ten years, experimenting with a variety of styles from power to yin, before deciding to deepen her practice by becoming a yoga instructor. It was at teacher training that Miska met Lizl, and the rest was yogi history. Miska taught at Elevate since its inception and has never looked back.

Although she has been an instructor for several years, Miska still sees herself as an “eternal student of yoga.” “Nothing is stagnant in life,” she says, “and I continue updating my knowledge by learning from students, through the amazing network of teachers we have in this town, and the lessons brought on by everyday life.”

Miska believes strongly in yoga’s ability to help people form a connection to their body as a source of wisdom and intelligence rather than something that they simply occupy. In her classes she emphasizes the importance of slowing down and truly experiencing the poses.

Miska’s hobbies reflect her passion for all the beauty the planet has to offer: she travels regularly, is an avid hiker (her favourite trek being a memorable five-month hike of the Appalachian trail), and is a certified scuba diver.

When not teaching, working or enjoying one of her many hobbies, Miska can be found partaking in an “acroyoga adventure” called Weekly Cube Break.

A traveller, teacher and true artistic soul, Miska is an essential part of the Elevate family.

Miska Têtu
Miska Têtu
Miska Têtu