By Maddie Rodriguez

Go with the Flow.

When you hear the phrase “go with the flow,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Usually it’s the idea of taking things as they come or being flexible and relinquishing control. The “flow” in this case refers to a state of relaxation or release.

As anyone who has taken, say, a flow yoga class can tell you, though, “flow” certainly doesn’t mean passive. Looked at in another way, a “flow” can refer to a current—a rush of water that shows us how we powerful become when we take part in a movement bigger than ourselves.

People can often be told to “go with the flow” as a mantra or inspiration. But “the flow”—your flow—can mean very different things at different times in your life. Is your flow a state of flexibility and surrender or the power of a collective? Is it a gentle breeze or a current of energy?

So next time someone tells you to go with the flow, remember first to find yours.