By Maddie Rodriguez

Resolving to Let Go this New Year.

For many of us, after the clock has struck twelve on the new year and toasts have been drunk and best wishes shared, our minds habitually turn to thoughts of resolutions. When we think about how we want our fresh year to start and the self we want to build anew, typically we think about adding something to our lives — a new hobby, or an extra workout. For many of us, “resolution” is practically synonymous with “addition.”

But it’s also worth considering what we want to let fall away as the new year commences. What if our resolution for 2019 was to do less? To criticize ourselves less, to judge others less, to worry less about the things we cannot control. Removing something negative from our lives can be just as meaningful – and just as challenging – as adding something positive.

At their core, New Year’s resolutions are about forming the habits that will enable us to be the best possible version of ourselves. And sometimes that best self is not just physically stronger or healthier or more organized, but also a little lighter in spirit and a little slower to judge with a few less burdens.

So this year, go ahead and get that studio membership or sign up for that art class. Just remember to let go of all the things that don’t serve that best possible self you are striving to become.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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