By Maddie Rodriguez

Yogi Spotlight: Britt Amell

Throughout her life, Britt has lived all across this beautiful country in three provinces and five cities. She is forever grateful for this country’s land and sky that she cites as a source wisdom, strength and stability for her.

From her challenging, tumultuous childhood Britt drew the importance of gratitude, the freedom that comes from the acceptance that everything is temporary, and a firm commitment to nurturing her own mental health. A lifelong learner, Britt is now pursuing her PhD. She points to yoga as one of the best and most challenging sources of learning in her life, where every class she teaches is a new opportunity for growth.

Britt discovered yoga at the gym, where was so inspired by the wisdom, compassion and self-acceptance of one of her own yoga instructors she knew she had to become a teacher herself. For Britt, yoga is a process of calibration and of relating to the world so that we can align our intentions and actions with our collective responsibilities to each other and live in a good way.

Elevate was obviously the perfect fit for this lover of earth and sky and lifelong learning: Britt was drawn to the studio’s sunny, green look and its deep collective passion for mutual growth.

When she isn’t teaching, practicing or devouring research and theory for her PhD, Britt feeds her love of the stars: she recently purchased her first telescope. She also loves to challenge her courage by doing everything from riding around on her motorcycle and publishing poetry. Britt feels kinship to the quirky, the unconventional and those who “don’t fit in.” Her Buddhist name is Rangdröl Pekar, which means “self-liberation white lotus” – and clearly it couldn’t be more accurate.