By Maddie Rodriguez

Giving the Gift of an Experience
this Holiday Season.

Picking the perfect gift is truly an art. There are many important factors to weight and consider—needs, wants, size and style. But often, the real genius of gift giving is in finding something the recipient didn’t think to ask for: the thing they never knew they wanted. If you’re aiming for this giving sweet spot, you can rarely go wrong with the gift of an experience.

Few of us are in the blessed position of needing nothing, but most of us can probably agree that we have too much stuff. The gift of an experience shows care and thoughtfulness, but it doesn’t add to our burden of stuff. And the wonderful thing about the gift of experience is that the options—and price points—are virtually limitless.

A great gift doesn’t have to have a price attached. It can be the gift of a shared memory, like an IOU for hot chocolate after a shared wintry hike, or of time, like a night of free babysitting for a tired parent. Of course, if you’re able, we’re partial to the gift of a shared moment on the mat. Our gift cards let you share the joy, centeredness or challenge you feel during yoga with someone special. It’s the gift that allows both giver and receiver to relax and learn something new about themselves.

So, if you’re stuck for that last person on your list, consider the gift of an experience, in whatever form it might take. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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