Words of Wisdom

Tag: Flow

Yogi in forward fold
By Maddie Rodriguez

Go with the Flow.

When you hear the phrase “go with the flow,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Usually it’s the idea of taking things as they come or being flexible and relinquishing control. The “flow” in this case refers to a state of relaxation or …

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Yogis meditating
By Maddie Rodriguez

Welcome Home.

Autumn is a season of endings: the leaves dying and falling from the trees, the days growing shorter and shorter, and the year drawing to a close. But, for many, it is also the start of something new, whether that be a new class, a …

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Yogi in eight-angle pose
By Lizl Fleury

Playlist: Tune Into Your Yoga Groove

On and off the mat, music has played an important role in our lives—from upbeat tracks that get us moving and motivated throughout our day, to slow and earthy jams that ease us into a slower rhythm. Whatever mood we want to be in, music …

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