By Maddie Rodriguez

Yogi Spotlight: Maddie Rodriguez

Born in Toronto, Maddie has lived in several cities across Ontario, as well as in Victoria, BC and briefly in London, England. Maddie is an avid reader and writer with a BA and MA in English literature. She works as a full-time communications and research officer and part-time blogger.

Distinctly un-athletic, Maddie considered rearranging her bookshelves to be her favourite form of exercise for most of her life. But after moving to Ottawa in 2011, Maddie took the plunge with her first class at Elevate. She quickly fell in love with yoga and the Elevate community (not to mention her newfound ability to touch her toes!). She jumped at the chance to become an official part of the team and happily volunteers her skills, contributing web content and blog posts to the Elevate website.

Maddie lives with her partner and her two cute but devilish cats.

Photo of Maddie Rodriguez
Photo of Maddie Rodriguez