By Maddie Rodriguez

Take a Leap this Spring.

There are so many positive parts of spring — the warmer weather, the longer days and the end of sidewalk icebergs  — but each year I have to admit I groan a bit when it’s time for that two-word phrase: spring forward. As a sensitive sleeper, I dread messing with my sleep schedule and the fact that it’s losing an hour of sleep on a weekend just adds insult to injury. 

But this year I’ve decided to turn my least favourite aspect of spring into my intention for the coming season: spring forward. I’ve made it a point to think about where in my life I could stand to take a little leap.

I don’t think I’m alone in getting into a bit of a winter rut, so I thought I’d share that intention and see if it strikes a chord with you too. Is there a decision you’ve been avoiding? A commitment  you’ve been holding back on making? A project you simply need the courage to pursue? It can be hard to make that leap but maybe now is the right time for you to take the first step too. 

After all, spring is a time for renewal and rebirth, which makes it the perfect time to start again or to jump into something new. 

So here’s to taking a little leap. Let’s see where this spring takes us. 

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