By Lizl Fleury

DIY: A Succulent Gift

If you didn’t know already, we love love love plants! Because let’s be real, life without plants succs.

And if you’re still looking for something meaningful to give a loved one this holiday season, why not give them a gift that will last them through the holidays and beyond? These little bundles of life only take a few minutes to throw together. Plus, they’re super cute!

DIY: A Succulent Gift

Potted succulents (or any small plants of your choice)
Kraft paper
Twine or string

  1. Cut pieces of Kraft paper, large enough to wrap the potted plants. Optional: Crumple them up to give them a nice texture.
  2. Wrap the potted plants with Kraft paper.
  3. Tie with a twine or string.
DIY: A Succulent Gift
DIY: A Succulent Gift
DIY: A Succulent Gift

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