By Maddie Rodriguez

Keep Glowing through the Holiday Season.

Let’s face it—the holiday season is exciting, but it can also take a toll on us, physically, mentally and emotionally. Our bodies are taxed with swings from frigid outdoor temperatures to stuffy shopping malls or sweltering parties. Our minds are preoccupied with planning, itineraries and last-minute checklists. And for many who are dealing with challenges in their personal lives, the expectations of harmony and joy can be a source of anxiety or sadness. It can be hard just to keep going.

But it’s important to remember that, regardless of your background or traditions, the point of the winter holidays is to find a moment of light in the deep darkness of winter. So take some time, take a breath and nourish the light in you—physically, mentally and emotionally. Take a Yin class. Do a crossword puzzle or read a fun, absorbing novel. Drop off canned food at the food drive in your local grocery store or give change to someone who needs it.

Foster these little points of light in your life and in your self and you won’t just keep going throughout the holidays, you’ll be glowing—from the inside out.

And hey, if after all that, you’re still stressed about your Christmas shopping? We’ve got you covered.