By Maddie Rodriguez

Yogi Spotlight: Crystale Boisvert

For Crystale Boisvert, yoga has brought many things: challenge, fulfillment and peace.

Throughout her life, Crystale has always expressed herself creatively through movement, first as she is a trained dancer and Tae Kwon do master. Professionally, she knew her path lay in serving others. In yoga, she found a creatively fulfilling way to combine her passion for movement with her love of service. Yoga teacher training had something else to offer, too: also a way for Crystale to face her fears of public speaking in a supportive, peaceful environment.

Crystale Boisvert
Crystale Boisvert

Crystale has been teaching yoga for ten years now and every day she is grateful that her life lead her down this path. For her, the most rewarding aspect of teaching is the ability to bring peace and a sense of renewal to both her students and herself.

Crystale has been a part of the Elevate community since the studio’s inception and considers herself lucky to have watched it evolve and grow. She values the compassion and openness of the owners, teachers and students who make up our community.

Recently, Crystale’s life has been enriched with the birth of her first child. She credits practicing and teaching yoga with her ability to stay mindful, grounded and at peace in her new role as a mother.

She is also excited to bring those same qualities to her newest professional project, Crystale knows that no matter what changes life brings, her yoga teaching and practice will help her embrace them.

Crystale Boisvert