By Maddie Rodriguez

Embracing Change.

It seems spring has (finally!) arrived and the change in season is an opportunity to think about change in our lives. Spring is a time of change. A change in the weather, a change in the light—its quality and duration—and a change in the pace of our lives.

Change can be a good thing, but it can also be uncomfortable, frightening or frustrating. Even changes for the good can bring with them their share of sleepless nights. Most of us have been told how important to “embrace change.” Sure, we might think, but how? How do you embrace something that feels like it’s squeezing the breath out of you? How do you “roll with it” but not let it run you over? How do you go with the flow without drowning?

As with so many questions worth asking, these questions don’t have any easy answers. People might answer them differently, but most would agree that the key to accepting change with aplomb is to have faith in yourself. Life is a constant state of change. Some changes might be slower than others, but nothing stays the same. We cannot control many of the changes life will throw at us, but if we know who we are and what we are capable of, and if we have a strong sense of self, we can bend without breaking. It’s something we see on the mat all the time—strength aids flexibility (and vice versa).

And if all else fails, remember: this too, shall pass. The change you are struggling to embrace now will be changing again soon enough. All this change can be scary, but it can be pretty darned exciting too. So trust yourself. You got this.